C’mon Work Happy!

smileycookieCRUNCHY NUGGETS: Are you a happy person?  Are you happy at work?  And do you think your happiness impacts your productivity at work?  Oh, I’m sorry…I typically don’t come at you with lots of questions.  But I’ve recently read two articles about how people behave and what motivates them — specifically, at work.  Two different, interesting points of view.  No need to get stuck on the questions I’ve asked, keep moving with me, come along…

Give to Get: The New York Times Sunday Magazine recently featured an article about author and professor Adam Grant.  He has studied workplace dynamics for years and has found that the secret to productivity at work is giving.  Grant has found that traditionally the thinking at work has been that employers should deliver incentives based on self-interest: financial incentives, ensuring that the work that is interesting, or offering the possibility for career advancement.  But what his studies have uncovered is that the most compelling source of motivation is in a sense of service for others.  In other words, the more you feel like you’re helping others, the more you’ll want to work.  This certainly makes sense as its been noted that feeling a sense of purpose is a big factor in longevity.  But what if you’re in a thankless position?  What if you don’t get any sort of positive feedback?  Well thank you for asking because that leads me to my second article…

Gratitude, Nurturing, Making it Unique: Fast Company also shared an article about how happiness can be learned, and the difference it makes toward creating a productive work environment.  Feeling grateful yourself and gratitude for your own life is a good place to start.  It helps you better deal with stress, overall.  And then sharing the love by nurturing others and figuring out what makes them happy at a very personal level is important (i.e., one size doesn’t fit all in morale as one person’s day off is another person’s access to a company iPhone, and not just hosting a happy hour-have a drink you’re happy this hour, right?!).  Making an effort to ensure your employees’ happiness leads to: 37% more sales, 31% increase in productivity, and accuracy on tasks rises by 19%!  That’s pretty powerful stuff, particularly as there are courses that can help and give employees a sense of empowerment, self-growth, and motivation.  In other words, you don’t have to do it all and teach happiness to others — there are resources who can help.

So why share these insights?  Because they show human behavior — what motivates people — and how a smile means so much in getting what you want from others.  Here are the articles if you wish to check them out: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/31/magazine/is-giving-the-secret-to-getting-ahead.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0


And be happy!  #consumerinsights #consumerbehavior #deliveringhappingess #behappy


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