Selfie & Selfless

ImageCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Well hey there, stranger!  My oh my it’s been a busy a few months as I started a new job with a whole new set of clients and type of business.  But enough about me…let’s get right to what this blog is all about: CRUNCHY MARKETING NUGGETS!  Here’s one (really two) that I’ve been holding onto and want to share.  Take a read…

SELFIES – You know what a selfie is right?  Of course you do…it’s a photo you snap of yourself (sometimes with others, as per my own example with me, my Sister and my Nephew) using your cell phone.  And then you share it.  A few smart marketers have taken notice and not only include selfies in their promotions — but also use the word “selfie” to truly connect to the real-life consumer behavior.  Brilliant!  Here’s an article from JWT (a must opt-in for seekers of insights and crunchy good trends) that shares these examples.  Now before I whisk you away with a link, please do come back as I have more:

SELFLESS — Hi! Thanks for coming back. You may have noted a J&J program — an app that encourages consumers to take photos and share, with $1 donated to a cause for every photo snapped.  Now…a photo as donation trigger is pretty darn cool itself.  And I love that they share the causes impacted, e.g., “1,500 children helped; 40,008 mothers helped,” etc.  But it’s part of a larger, corporate initiative from J&J to truly solidify the emotional connection the J&J brand has with consumers: “For All You Love.”  You may have seen black and white TV spots, the banner ads, etc.  Kudos to J&J for leveraging their full corporate positioning and their equity.  So important for a company that deliver healthcare and wellness promises. 

Now, I’m going to whisk you away again so you can see their campaign.  And I’ll thank you for stopping by – feels good to be back! Now off with you…


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