Hello, Pumpkin

ImageCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Oh hello there!  My oh my, it’s been just about a year since this post: https://crunchymarketingnuggets.com/2012/10/19/moms-ux-pups-pumpkin/.  And here I am, once again, ready to talk about PUMPKIN, as inspired by an article from Nielsen entitled: “Pumpkin Power!”  Last year, New York magazine declared pumpkin flavor “the new bacon.”  Flash forward to this year–and consumer love for all things pumpkin continues.  Open up a pumpkin-flavored Greek yogurt (to be REALLY on-trend, foodwise) and give this a read:

Tis the season, get it NOW: According to Nielsen reported data, last year, 70% of pumpkin-oriented grocery sales in the U.S. occurred between September and November.  

What’s hot, what’s growing: Pie filling is still the leading pumpkin item making up (filling?!) 42.7% of all things pumpkin.  Breakfast foods was the overall growth leader, representing 7 out of 10 of the top growing pumpkin-related categories when ranked on dollar growth.  And for you sweet-toothed pumpkin fans, Frozen Sweets/Desserts grew 763.1% in dollar growth versus the year prior!

More, more, more: And for those die-hard fans of all-things pumpkin, be on the lookout this season for pumpkin flavored: M&Ms, bagels, Pringles, Food Should Taste Good chips, Dunkin’ Donuts, marshmallows, beer and vodka.

Here’s the “Pumpkin Power” Nielsen article if you’d like to take a peek at other pumpkin flavored categories: http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/newswire/2013/pumpkin-power.html

How ’bout you?  A lil’ pumpkin martini with your chips?!


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