Getting Emotional

unconsiousbrandingCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  I just read a series of articles in Fast Company magazine that I wanted to share.  They touch upon a book: “Unconscious Branding: How Neuroscience Can Empower (and Inspire) Marketing” written by “neuromarketing pioneer” (fancy, right?!) and EVP Deutsch LA, Douglas Van Praet.  From the snacky bits shared in Fast Company, he has done studies that basically point to human emotion as the reason why consumers buy.  OK so that doesn’t seems terribly earth shattering.  But it supports how consumers say what they say in research, but then do what they do at shelf, at point of purchase, online at checkout, etc.  Which aren’t necessarily one and the same.  He talks about how the most impactful marketing follows seven- steps to inspire.  Fast Company, thus far, has covered 4 out of the 7.  I am going to snap shot the four (and I mean very nuggety snap shot like), and then follow-up with the rest in a later post.  Sound good?  Great, I’m glad you agree!  Here goes:

Step #1 is to Interrupt the Pattern — Simply put, give consumers an unexpected, fresh new way to look at what you’re trying to share with them.

Step #2 is to Create Comfort — Basically, establish a level of trust.

Step #3 is to Lead the Imagination — Allow the consumer to aspire to something, to dream, to believe in possibilities.

And then Step #4 is Shift the Feeling — Get the consumer to feel an emotion with your message.

Like I said, there are three left, which I’ll share.  In the meantime, here is a place to start in reading more:

The challenge, honestly, is how to best do this in :15 seconds — 5 frames — on packaging — in a single print ad.  Often, in the face of no available insights about the target, no research but just lots of gut feelings.  Yikes!  But again, I think if you circle to the original intention of his steps, and recognize that research doesn’t necessarily reveal all, and that developing messaging that touches upon emotions to trigger action, I think then you have a good takeaway.  More to come!  #consumerinsights #marketresearchinsights #advertising #marketing

Mama to Mama

Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 2.55.42 PMFRESH FACTS:  “Moms trust other Moms” — is not a headline, nor new news.  But as someone who frequently deals with mom-targeted brands, I certainly can appreciate these crunchy new stats shared by eMarketer about Moms and what drives their purchase decisions.  Specifically, as they shop online and through mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).  Topping the list of “most important factors in making a purchase decision”: 47.4% of online/mobile shopping Moms are most influenced by Reviews and Ratings from other Moms.  So it’s not price, it’s not promotion, it’s not even direct person-to-person recos from other Moms (word of mouth) — it’s what Moms are saying about the product on that site.  So yes, even if the other mom is a complete stranger, what she has to say about her experience with the item carries a lot of credibility to an online shopping mom.  Shopping convenience comes in second at 24%.  This speaks to a retailer’s/brand’s need for excellent customer service and user experience, for sure.  And then comes promotions and discounts — Moms want a good deal at 16.7%. And the coming in at the end are: Recommendations from other Moms (WOM) at 9.8%, which is honestly quite surprising that it’s so low; followed by product awards (sounds very baby/juvenile product specific).  Again, surprising yet not surprising — a salty-sweet crunchy nugget, if you will (of course, I take it to a snack level, you know me!).  And it goes to show that Moms want to share their experiences, and other Moms want to learn from these experiences — so brands that help this process put themselves into a more advantageous position with their target.  What do you think:  do you trust reviews as much as Moms?  #mobile #marketinginsights #mommarketing #onlineshopperinsights


Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 2.24.08 PMFRESH IDEAS:  “Oh, why didn’t I think of THAT!  Now that’s nice!” is what my brain registered when I read today about Y&R Midwest’s Sandy Pinterest initiative:  As an agency they’ve decided to help real-life families who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  Given that this arm of Y&R is in Chicago makes it all the more “awww…” as you’d expect a NJ/NY metro shop to take measures to help local folks.  Here’s how it works:

Real families, real needs: Y&R’s team has chosen families as the subjects of Pinterest boards.  If you go to, you can link to the Pinterest page with all four families.  The boards for each family feature goods that are needed to rebuild their households.  It’s everything from plastic bags to pillows to gift cards.  All at an achievable $25 give or take price point.  And of course, there is a board with the family’s story.  

Click through to repin or to actually buy: Like a typical Pinterest board, you can click through a board to either repin the item to your own board and spread the word about the family in need and their specific items.  Or, you click through to where that family’s wish list resides.  You can actually buy the items for the family, and since they’re “registered” on amazon’s wish list, they’ll receive it directly from amazon thanks to the donors.

Now, why did this awaken my “fresh ideas” senses today (other than it’s snowy and cloudy and gray out and it’s super heart warming)?  The power of Pinterest for good: all of the terrific things a brand would love about Pinterest make for a really nice cause-related experience, e.g., visuals, telling a story, repin and share opportunities, and purchase what you see opportunities.  Agency do-good effort: every agency I’ve worked for or know always does something to support a cause, it’s just good business.  But this showcases good thinking and innovation in a social space.  Nicely done, Y&R Midwest!  You’ve certainly brought a little sunshine to my cloudy day for a girl who thinks she’s “seen it all”…and then something like this comes along, love it!  #goodideas #socialmedia #pinterest #causemarketing

Tweets: Men vs. Women

Active-Twitter-iconFRESH FACTS:  I just read an article in Fast Company’s Co.Design section about the differences in how Men tweet versus Women.  The study was conducted by a group of researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Stanford University.  All of these smarty pants looked at the 14,000 users’ tweets in order to see if there were any true differences in how Men and Women share on Twitter.  What they found that there is, indeed, language more commonly used by Women, and language that is more common to Men on Twitter.  Specifically, here’s the Mars and Venus scoop:

Women can be sOOOOOOooooo emotional!! Ah! — Women typically use more emotionally driven words.  They also use more emoticons : ) .  Text-y-computer-ish terms like LOL and OMG are more Female, as is using…ellipses…  Women more frequently use expressive lengthening of words like this: I just looooove it!  Women were also found to be using exclamation marks and question marks more often.  As well as what the study notes as backchannel sounds like ah, hmmm, ugh, and grr.

!@#$ Men — Men, on the other side of the Twitter spectrum, use swear words and “taboo” words much more often.  Sports and tech terms come from Men more often, as well.  Which leads us to an interesting finding overall about followers…

Twitter birds of a feather, tweet together — The study also found that where these gender specific patterns don’t hold by a Twitter user, that individual is likely to follow less members of their own gender than is average. So you tweet what you know–or at least you tweet who you follow (birds of a feather, i.e.).

Here is a link to the article if you wish to read it:

I find this sOOOOOooooo crunchy, don’t you?!  #socialmedia #twitter #consumer behavior #consumerinsights #womenvsmenontwitter

Pinterest Inspiration

Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 3.56.21 PMFRESH FACTS:  “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” This quote is on a colleague’s g-chat image and just this past week I asked her what it was and where it came from.  She said: Pinterest.  She collects good, inspirational quotes.  Apparently, she’s not alone.  Interesting survey facts shared by eMarketer as uncovered by (January 18, 2013) have found that women are inspired by Pinterest to:

  • 75% = Try new dishes (Not a surprise. Food has always been a big draw for Pinterest users. And yes, note who lead the survey.)
  • 59% Try new home decor (Better Homes & Gardens, West Elm…among the early brand users of Pinterest)

And then in third place (she notes in bold)…

  • 38% = Keep track of inspirational sayings and mottos.  Let me stop here and say that I knew that’s what users were doing on Pinterest (from my own experience).  But right behind food and home -wow!  Really interesting!  It goes to show you – you, as in brand and marketing peeps who play in the Pinterest space – that content you wish to have shared can come from interesting sources and can be practical or very aspirational.  As simple as a really good phrase. Now, what were the rest of the responses, you ask?  ““He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin.  OK, now…
  • 36% = Home entertaining ideas.  Party!
  • 27% = To remind me of place I want to travel. Aspiration. Dreams and wishes.
  • 24% = To remember clothing that I love.  I gotta tell you…I was surprised that it took this long to see any sort of fashion/retail-like topics appear.
  • 8% = Remember movies that I love.  Huh…who knew?
  • 3% = Track celebs.
  • And finally that crazy category called “Other” at 23%.
“To do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.” – Mark Twain. And that is why I share the nuggety goodness.  To be noble and to inspire.  Although I think Mark Twain was being a little bit cheeky, don’t you think?!  Hope you have an inspiring weekend!  #Pinterest #marketingtrends #Pinterestinsights #socialmarketing

Friday & Fall Fashion Flavor

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 1.13.49 PMCRUNCHY NUGGETS: It’s Friday…so how are ‘ya feeling?  Good? Happy the week is over?  Of course you are. Which quickly segues into the first nugget of the day…

TGIF for Real Estate — I just read in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal that the very best day to list a house for sale is Friday.  Why?  Oh, thanks for asking, you’re the best.  Because people feel most energized and happiest at the end of a work week.  So much so that houses sell faster and for a significantly greater amount (up to 99.1% of the asking price as per the average in 2012) when they are listed and debut on a Friday.  Tuesday is the second most advantageous day, as that’s when people start making most plans.  Interesting, right?!   Still feeling good?  Great!  Let’s move on way into this coming Fall…

Fall Fashion Colors — With Fashion Week for Fall underway, Pantone has shared their palette of colors to look for this coming Fall.  Of course, this year’s color of the year — Emerald — is the lead.  And other shades to look for include: Mykonos Blue, Linden Green, Acai, Samba, Koi, Deep Lichen Green, Vivacious, Turbulence, and Carafe.  Now I apologize as just naming them isn’t quite clear (what, you don’t know what “vivacious” looks like?!”), so you should check them out here:  Why you need to care — other than for the fashionistas and the trendy — is because it’s Pantone.  They set the mood and influence more than just fashion.  So expect to see these very rich and organic tones in other things like home decor and automotive and retail and other design driven things.

We’re in the midst of quite a big snow storm.  Hope all is well by you and your weekend is like Pantone Koi: rich and vibrant. #marketingtrends #trends #pantone #fallfashion #consumerinsights #consumerbehavior

Fast Photos

130102040713-snapchat-story-topCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  What if you could snap a photo on your cell phone, send it to  friend, and then have it disappear in seconds — on purpose?  That’s what mobile app Snapchat enables.  As of January 1st this year, 50 million photos were being sent like this every day through Snapchat, with over one billion sent in total.  Snapchat lets you take a photo or video, add in a caption, and then choose how long you wish for the viewer to be able to see this photo or vid, up to 10 seconds, before it self destructs. The recipient can certainly take a screen shot of what they received — so keeping true to the internet, nothing sent is completely private nor deleted, necessarily.  Which leads to certainly the words “sexting” and “risque” and “parental concerns” come up when you read about Snapchat.  But this post isn’t about that…rather, it’s about how marketers are seeing interesting executions with this app. Quick!  Read on as this blog post will self destruct in 10-9-8-just kidding.

Snap, share & save — Earlier this year, frozen yogurt chain 16 Handles used Snapchat to deliver a surprise offer.  It worked like this: snap a shot using Snapchat of you and your friends enjoying 16 Handles fro yo.  Send your shot to 16 Handles’ Snapchat account.  In exchange, receive a surprise discount from 16 to 100% off of your next purchase at 16 Handles.  The recipient had 10 seconds to let the cashier scan the photo/offer before it destructed.  Now, my inner pragmatic promotions person says “Eek!  What if the cashier doesn’t know what to do…what if it disappears too quickly…” etc. etc.  But, I will say that this was a small scale program, testing out the waters of an app used by the brand’s target audience.  So good for 16 Handles.  Now, keeping that open mind, there are other ideas for using Snapchat among brands.

clickZ  — Just last week, clickZ ran an article by Andrew Solmssen. It shared his ideas on how brands can use Snapchat.  Everything from scavenger hunts to events to insider access to contests.  Now…again,..I have to let my “yes but…” execution voice hush and let this man speak.  At the very least, it shows that the platform has interesting extensions and can be a good brainstorm idea piece for your future thoughts.  Again, I think it would work best if the redemption and participation parameters were kept nice and tight and controlled.  Here is the article:

One last note about this app is it just goes to show how immediate today’s audiences are about their content and its consumption.  What’s new now, can be gone in 10 seconds.  Oh and as always, I think the best way to really see what something is all about is to try it.  So do go ahead and download the app, find a friend, snap away, and then look quickly!  TASTY TREND:  Socially Acceptable; Here and Now #snapchat #marketingideas #photos #mobile