Snap, Crackle, Pop, Listen & Share

krispiesCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  As a Vocal Point Mom (i.e., a member of P&G’s community of Moms),  I am privy to receiving interesting pieces of direct mail.  Usually, it’s some sort of a sample or literature about a product.  And oodles of coupons — one for me, and lots more to pass along to family and friends.  I want to share a recent piece I got from Kellogg’s Rice Krispies for three, very crunchy reasons.  Pour yourself a glass of milk and check this out…

It talks – When you open the piece, a cheerful voice chip greets you:  “Hey Vocal Point Mom!”  And then goes on to explain how Rice Krispies has good-for-your-kids ingredients, how it will help their immune systems, and how this healthy stuff is like a prize inside for Moms.  It’s a customized message that grabs your attention, and makes sense given that Rice Krispies has always been known as a “noisy” cereal.

It’s social – So once you’ve gone through the piece, pulled out the coupons (FREE for recipient, $1 off offers for others to share), you are driven to a program URL which lives within Vocal Point’s site.  Aside from the Information and Testimonial Tabs, what I really like is a Spread the Word tab.  Within this section, it allows me to yes, spread the word, about Rice Krispies through social channels.  I can talk about the “new news” through Bookmarks, Email, IM, Blog, or post it to my favorite Social Network.  Personally, I have never seen a DM piece offer me these options, and so many choices.  That said, my direct marketing friends, take note!  It’s a great online follow-up tool to drive word of mouth (i.e., not just relying on the DM’ed coupons to encourage WOM).

And lastly, it missed an opportunity – So excited by this new found social share tactic, I went and posted it to my FB profile, to see what it would look like.  And I assumed it would deliver some sort of compelling offer (e.g., the buck off coupon).  Nope.  It drives people back to the Vocal Point site.  Nothing custom.  No purchase driver.  Nada.  A missed opportunity, as far as I’m concerned, for those little elves in chefs hats.

So there you have it — a little Rice Krispie Treat with Crunchy Marketing Nuggets for today.  Hope it spoke to you!  TASTY TREND:  Socially acceptable;  Experiential traditional; Health & Wellness;  Nutrition Like Religion