Reason for Cause

75402350CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  One of my all-time favorite marketing books is “Made to Stick,” written by my heroes Dan and Chip Heath.  They’re also regular contributors to “Fast Company.”  If you don’t subscribe, at least opt-in for their daily email.  Dan and Chip just wrote an article that I wanted to point out to you as worth-your-time.  It’s called “Why Market Your Company With Stick-on Emotion When You Can Tap the Real Thing?”  As my loyal nuggety readers know, cause marketing has been huge this past year.  And Dan and Chip further the conversation, encouraging brands to leverage causes to make real-world, tangible, emotional connections with consumers.  It’s an interesting, makes-sense way of looking at insights (go strategy, go!).

The example they give is Downy.  Instead of making the marketing connection of Downy = soft clothes = expression of love for my family, they suggest to bring the love to life.  Hold a winter coat drive or help struggling mothers, instead.  They consider this real emotion versus stick-on.

Besides being a fan of their articles and book, I liked this article for the examples (besides Downy) that it provided.  Examples of seemingly non-emotional brands and services, leveraging do-good to their advantage.  It’s a quick article, so when you have a minute or two, do check it out:  For me, personally, I’ve seen “Resonate with the target,” or “Make an emotional connection with the consumer” in many a’strategy.  So even though not every marketing program calls for or should support a cause, it’s a nice way of actually hitting on these strategic points.  And supporting charities is something consumers want and expect (see nuggety stat shared in 10/6 post about Levi’s program).

Hey, have a good day and hope your emotional connections are positive!  TASTY TREND:  Feeling good about doing good.

Mom Site

momcentralCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Have you ever sat in a meeting with a client and felt like they’ve just turned into Janet Jackson circa 1986?  “What have you done for me late-lay…ooh oooh oohh yeah!”  (Head to swoosh to the right, head swoosh to the left.)  I was just reading about a promotion that blew through 20,000 coupons in a matter of hours.  It was for Smucker’s Uncrustables.  But unlike most free-for-all offers (side note:  FREE = 2009 trend), this one required a little work beyond registering.  You also had to share your best “after school organizational tip.”  And so yes.  Within a matter of hours parents shared insights and registered for 20,000 free product coupons.  OK, so why the J. Jackson imagery?  Oh, I’m in “Control,” here’s why…

Smucker’s was smart and used a site already populated by their target:  Moms, millions of ’em.  A site where giveaways and promotions are not only the norm, but also part of a panel opt-in for members.  And, they used research from this group of panel members to give them insights leading them to this program (go insights, go!).  Net net…they didn’t build a site and expect Moms to come to it.  They found Moms, willing to give their opinions, and ready to pounce of good deals on an existing site.  The site is, by the way.  Which brings me back to Janet (“Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty”).  For my Mom-seeking brand friends, give a look-see.  It may be just the right new tactic that you bring to the table that delivers social community, panels and research, and a big group of “yes, market to me” Moms.

OK, I’ve removed the shoulder pads, matted down my hair, and have transported myself back to the modern day.  Sorry if any of the 80’s-ness gets stuck in your head.  Just know that “When I think of you” — I think of insights and crunchiness!  TASTY TREND:  Socially acceptable;  Free For All