More Content Marketing

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Admittedly, today’s blog post is a bit of a “drive by,” as I quickly toss a URL at you and then scurry back to my work.  Regardless, this will still get your brain wheels turning…It’s a link to a great infographic (love me a good infographic, I do!) about CONTENT MARKETING.  “What is this content marketing, you speak of?” and “Why are we talking this like today?!’ To answer your first question, simply go back a post or two and read May 24th for the scoop.  To answer your second question…for fun, really, you know I like to crack myself up!  In any case…This infographic is from Mashable and gives good, crunchy stats and examples.  Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

TASTY TREND:  Content Counts