More Do-Good

FRESH IDEA:  I love this idea.  And I love that it makes doing something good that much easier.  Trend-new technologies-crunchy-goodness-sharing site PSFK just wrote about this…it’s the partnership between UNICEF and Microsoft Tag’s technology.  As an alternative to digging into your wallet or pocket or purse this Halloween to give money to UNICEF, you can simply scan a QR code on the money collection box.  In doing so, $10 gets added to your cell phone bill, and given to UNICEF as a donation.  So no need to figure out the donation amount.  It’s a straight, low-price point level that’s super simple.  And it’s encouraging consumers to accept and adopt QR codes in an everyday moment.  Where this up-levels technology used by cause organizations, is in the experience.  So unlike a text to donate opportunity, here the organization can also serve-up additional content or collect information.  And the QR code aka tag can be put onto anything:  POP, product packaging, etc.

Here’s the PSFK article if you wish to check it out:

Love it!  Hey, hope you have a good weekend, ‘k?  TASTY TREND:  Experiential Traditional; Here and Now

Not-So-Sticky Nuggets

FRESH IDEAS:  How refreshing to find a fantastic, makes-sense-idea delivered in smart packaging!  And indeed, it is refreshing…it’s from UK company Benson’s Peppersmith brand gum.  Recognizing how consumers dispose of their chewing gum — in other words, tossing it to the ground or sticking it on something, um, ew!  Benson has created packaging that includes a fifth panel.  Lift it to reveal a tiny stack of papers that encourage you to wrap your used gum in them. Fabulous!  For anyone who has had gum from a blister pack and has come up short on what to do when the flavor runs out and not a garbage can is near (me, at the movies a month ago, feeling around in my purse for a scrap).  Or for anyone who has stepped in or touched used gum in a public space — this packaging innovation is simple brilliance!  Apparently, it saves money in public clean-up, as well.  And it all comes from insights — go strategy go!  I heart insights!  Go on…cheer with me:  insights! insights!  Ouch…I just did a cartwheel. I’m gonna feel that later (just kidding!). Have a great weekend.  TASTY TREND:  Experiential Traditional; User-Friendly Innovations