More Foursquare

FRESH IDEA:  Just minutes after I posted Wednesday’s write-up about Foursquare 101, a friend of mine told me about a hip, engaging, really cool usage of Foursquare in London.  It’s being done by high-end shoe designer Jimmy Choo.  And it brings to life the “check-in” experience of Foursquare through a scavenger hunt.  Here’s how it works…

Over the next few weeks, one pair of Jimmy Choo trainers (and its brand rep) will use Foursquare to check-in at a location around London. Note that Twitter and Facebook will be used, too.

Be the first to find them, say to the rep “I’ve been following you,” and the Jimmy Choo’s are yours.

It’s the first time that a product is using Foursquare to check-in.  And if you google it, you’ll see that it’s getting a TON of blogger interest from tech and style gurus alike! Interesting and inspirational usage of social in a real-world experience — with a promotion to drive excitement.

WAIT!  This just in…I swear, this Foursquare is everywhere!  As I finished up writing this post, I read an article in the New York Times about other brands using Foursquare.  Most notably (most mainstream) is Pepsi — who is going to reward check-ins/point accumulation with downloads.  Here’s the article if you’d like to check it out (or check-in to it?!):

A shout out of thanks to Jenn K. for sharing (can I get a woot woot — or maybe a Choo Choo?!).  Hope your weekend is exciting, stylish, and interesting, too.  TASTY TREND:  Socially Acceptable; Here and Now; Experiential Traditional