Quickie Nuggets

Screen shot 2013-01-18 at 9.43.44 AMCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Well hello there!  Today’s post is intended to share interesting, quick tid bits, yes.  But it’s also one of those: “I need to hold onto that…” notes to self.  Yes, I do refer back to my own blog every now and again to find a stat or a fact or a source.  All of that said, get your stop watch ready and see how quickly you can process these little nibbly bites…GO!

Instagram Latest & Greatest — Instagram just shared that it has 90 million users, wow, uploading 40 million photos per day!  So if you’re thinking: “well I don’t use it, so I don’t see a point to it” in your marketing mix,  think again if you’re thinking social and visual and photo (Source, USA Today, January 18, 2013). May I remind you that photo posts typically receive the most engagement of all brand posts on Facebook, and you can find those numbers in a neat little chart here: http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/direct/on-facebook-photos-represent-89-of-brands-most-engaging-posts-25330/

“Digital Natives” — eMarketer just shared a really good report about Kids and their online behaviors.  Did you know that by this year…45% of Kids 0-11 (yes, I said zero as in wee tiny babies!) will be internet users; and if they’re between 12 and 17, a full 97% will be online.  This study uses a very appropriate term for kids today, calling them “digital natives.”  Indeed!   And last but not least…

Dreaming in colors — To close up the nuggets, I’m heading in a completely different direction, more design-oriented then stat-focused…As I’m sure you know (nod your head in agreement, oh you’re the best!), the 2013 Pantone color of the year is EMERALD GREEN.  But of course, just when you think “Wizard of Oz oh my,” it doesn’t end here.  They also have posted their spring 2013 color array, so expect to see: African Violet (a light purple) and Nectarine (a soft orange) and Tender Shoots (a lime green) and others.  There are ten colors noted in all — go take a quick peek when you’re done here, they’ll  cheer you up dreaming about spring:  http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr.aspx?pg=21005&ca=4&from=hpfeatures

OK, stop!  *Phew!*  Did you keep up?!  I’m sure you did.  Hope you have a weekend that doesn’t feel super quick, for sure!  TASTY TREND & HASHTAGS: #kids #digital #colormyworld #photosharing #instagram #social stats

Holiday Versus

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  I’m excited about this post as it’s a theme I haven’t covered yet, yay!  Hey it’s the little things.  Now when I say holiday versus in the subject line I mean vs. — not “jingle bells, jingle bells” verses, just to be clear for those who are spelling-challenged.  That said, let’s get ready to compare and see what comes out on top in our first ever smack-down!  (OK, maybe “smack-down” is a little too much.)

BONUS vs. HOLIDAY PARTY — According to a survey conducted by Glassdoor.com, 70% of full-time employees would much rather get a bonus for the holidays than attend a holiday party.  A mere 5% want to get social wih their colleauges.  Winner: Holiday Bonus.

NAUGHTY vs. NICE — A recent Walmart survey of parents (as noted in USA Today) found that 80% say that their kids will get the same number of toys for Christmas, even if they’re naughty this year.  Winner: Kids Everywhere with a Tie between Kids Naughty & Nice.

GIFT vs. GIFT CARD — I’m sure there are lots of opinions around this one — those who feel gift cards are impersonal, and those who want to give flexibility and choice.  In any case, when it comes to wish lists, gift cards top them for the holiday season, according to the National Retail Federation.  6 out of 10 consumers want gift cards most.  Winner:  Gimme a Gift Card.

EATING SPINACH vs. NO TOYS — I gotta give kudos to Walmart for sharing some fun holiday survey insights this year.  When they asked kids which they’d rather do: give up their holiday toys versus eating spinach for a whole year, only 23% of kids went for the spinach to keep the toys.  It should be noted, however, that kids would work hard to earn their toys as 84% said they’d give up play and work hard to get their toys; and 68% said they’d clean their rooms daily if it meant getting holiday toys.  Sorry, spinach.  Winner: No toys — You can keep the toys, no spinach for this kid.

Fun stuff, right?!  And it’s not even December yet!!  Thanks for reading this first-ever versus post.  TASTY TREND:  Holiday Spirit; Today’s Parents

Lil’ Bit of This, Lil’ Bit of That

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Today’s post is a like a buffet of tasty tid bits of information.  Very random, I must admit.  But I’ve been holding this information in my email inbox and I’m ready to share.  In no particular order..Hey, did you know that…

Both men & women love food a whole lot and mention it often in social spaces — Although the MediaPost article focusses in on the cookie brands that were mentioned most, I thought it was more interesting to know thatin a study which analyzed more than 27 billion social media conversations over a one-year period in an effort to discover the top 10 things that men and women want, food items comprise 80% of both mens’/womens’ top 10 lists.  From food to caregiving…

Grandparents are heavily involved — I know this from personal experience as I rely on my Parents for here-and-there, closed-school-days.  74% of grandparents provide care or babysit for their grand kids on a weekly basis.  And it’s grandparents who are “advantaged” who are more likely to babysit;  grandparents with more education and better incomes more likely to provide babysitting; and those less likely to provide it have kids of their own at home or are older, unmarried, and less likely employed.  All of this info was featured in USA today.  Moving from care to codes…

QR code scanners continue to reflect early adopters of tech — 7 in 10 consumers who have scanned a QR code were Male; most likely between 25 and 34.  And for brands, although men and women are aware of the codes, 75% of men are more likely to actually scan to access product information.  This data comes from ScanLife data and BrandSpark. OK and lastly, a little media nugget

Multi-tasking between TV and tablets continues to grow — Research from GfK has found that 63% of tablet owners watch TV while using their tablets.  So what are they paying most attention to media-wise?  Very, very split:  36% say paying attention to both equally; 36% mostly tablet; and 28% mostly the TV.  Lead activity being done on the tablet overall:  using social media.

Wow, I don’t know about you but my brain feels pretty darn full with all of these nuggets!  I think I need to call it a day…just kidding.  Now I can delete my inbox emails!  Hope you have a weekend that’s like a good buffet:  full of lots and lots of stuff you love.  TASTY TRENDS:  Socially Acceptable; Food and Flavor Fun; Here and Now; Go Mobile


CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  I am going to go out on a pop culture limb and totally date myself here…Back in 1990, CC Music Factory had a hit called “Things that Make You Go Hmm…”  And I bring this relic of a phrase from the past forward to now, as I share a few, tasty tid bits I’ve read recently that made me go…oh you know….

Social Politics — My last post talked about Pinterest.  And guess who’s just joined?  Michelle Obama.  According to the Washington Post, she only has three boards, but already over 4,000 followers.  Her GOP counterpart, Ann Romney, has been a pinner since February.  Now…Why? you may ask.  Well, let’s review:  Female users; big national reach; very active group; and the First Lady just released a book.  So I ask you back: Why not?  It is, in fact, being lead by the campaign.

Guys Gone Grocery Shopping — New stats from Cone Communications reveal that 52% of Dads say that they are the primary purchasers now at grocery, they do the shopping trips.  And 35% of Moms say “yep, that’s true…Dads are doing more grocery trips.” Also interesting are their behaviors around grocery shopping with Dads slightly less likely to make shopping lists  (63% Dads vs. 65% of Moms), collect coupons or read circulars (56% vs. 62%).  However, Dads are actually meal planners, with 52% Dads vs. 46% Moms saying they’ll think ahead and plan out what the family is going to eat. And they are significantly more likely to research grocery products –24% Dads vs. 11% Moms — wow!  So, will Dads flip through FSIs?  In terms of media: 44% of Dads use online sources.  Dads also seek information in-store:  promotions (57%), advertising (50%).  And they also look to traditional like newspapers (where I’d count FSIs), magazines and television (40%). All of which come in higher than word of mouth from friends and family (38%).

All good stuff that made me go…wait for it……..Hmm!  Hope it did the same for you, too.  TASTY TRENDS:  Socially Acceptable; Social Curation; Today’s Parents

High Tech, Baby

FRESH IDEAS:  My Son is now nine, but when he was a wee tiny baby, like most nervous parents, we had a baby monitor.  We ultimately stopped using it because his sounds were SO amplified that you HEARD EVERYTHING, and therefore, did not sleep at all.  Flash ahead to today’s offerings and what I just read about in today’s TechCrunch:  a BabyPing.  Basically, it’s a camera that enables you to peek in on your child from another room – including in the dark!  And where you peek in is what makes BabyPing so tech and cool — you use it with an app on any of your “i” devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch).  So the images and the sound go through your own wireless to give you the scoop on what your “sleeping” baby is up to.  As opposed to using a frequency — potentially tapping into a neighbor’s frequency, too, yikes!  The BabyPing is currently only available in Europe, but is expected to hit the US market soon.  A system like this makes perfect sense for today’s Moms as 61% already use their mobile phones for internet connections; and Moms spend twice as much time online than others (according to Nielsen and BabyCenter).  Moms are mobile.  Mobile are tech savvy.  And now Moms can feel good about their babies with a cool new tool!

By the way, I did want to mention that there is a really good study about today’s Moms and their media consumption from Nielsen and BabyCenter called “21st Century Media Mom Report” (where I pulled the stats) that just came out in April.  A crunchy bunch of other Mom studies worth checking out are here, too: http://www.babycentersolutions.com/research_studies?bclink=logo&scid=20120522_trade_21stmom:4  TASTY TREND:  Go Mobile

Tech or Treat

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  You gotta love how technology impacts our daily lives.  And I’ve been hearing and reading about mobile apps that have been designed just in time for Halloween’s tricks and treats.  Ring the door bell and scoop up these brain treats:

Apps for safety — With kids out and about at night, there are mobile apps available that can help parents keep track of where their trick or treaters are located, including…Trick or Tracker which is a geo-location app that enables you to find your child by linking his or her cell phone number to yours.  Google Latitude also does the same, only with no fun, Halloween designs, and you can track your child using the web, too. Lookout has also been mentioned.  It’s an app that actually enables you to find your phone when its lost.  So the thought is to “plant” your phone on your child and then use the service to “locate your phone,” as needed.  And it’s useful post-October 31st.

Apps for fun — Mashable just shared their 10 picks for Halloween apps.  They include two zombie makers — one cartoon-ish, the other that turns your photo into fright, a jack-o-lantern creater, spooky sounds, costume ideas, an e-card creator, creepy cocktail recipes, ghost stories, free horror movies, and a real spooky places locator.  Here is the URL if you want to get specific: http://mashable.com/2011/10/26/iphone-apps-halloween/#315551-Make-A-Zombie  Of course, Angry Birds has a refresh.  And if you find “fun” in scaring your friends, there is a Fright Factory app that draws in your friends to watch your cell phone screen, and then scares them with a sudden, pop up zombie.  Ahh!

So whatever your need, there seems to be a mobile app for your Halloween holiday preferences.  Although, no app out yet to track which houses have the best candy and the biggest selection of treats.  Give it time, I’m sure.  Hey, hope your weekend is a big, full-sized sweet treat!  TASTY TREND:  Here and Now; Go Mobile; App-iness

Family Values

FRESH FACTS:  In the interest of holiday-weekend-friendliness, today’s post is super bite-sized, and shares an interesting twist on what you’d expect (kinda like the cupcake in the image).  According to new census data, Married Couples now only represent 48% of US households.  And apparently: 1. In 1950, this number was 78%, gee whiz!  2.  This number is slightly down from 2009 (latest collected data reflects 2010).  And 3.  Just one-fifth of all households in the US are Married Couples who have Children. 

Now, the lower number is attributed to: singles waiting to get married until they’re older, or just not marrying at all; more women empowered to live without the support of a husband; more people living longer lives and, therefore, outliving their partners; and interesting, economic factors depress marriage rates.

From a marketing perspective this raises interesting challenges as the head-of-household may or may not be Mom, with the person making purchasing decisions for the family not necessarily the traditional role.

Alrighty…So with that, I bid you a wonderful weekend.  Now go on…shoo!  Get out and enjoy!  TASTY TREND:  Today’s Family Values