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Screen shot 2013-02-15 at 3.56.21 PMFRESH FACTS:  “Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.” This quote is on a colleague’s g-chat image and just this past week I asked her what it was and where it came from.  She said: Pinterest.  She collects good, inspirational quotes.  Apparently, she’s not alone.  Interesting survey facts shared by eMarketer as uncovered by (January 18, 2013) have found that women are inspired by Pinterest to:

  • 75% = Try new dishes (Not a surprise. Food has always been a big draw for Pinterest users. And yes, note who lead the survey.)
  • 59% Try new home decor (Better Homes & Gardens, West Elm…among the early brand users of Pinterest)

And then in third place (she notes in bold)…

  • 38% = Keep track of inspirational sayings and mottos.  Let me stop here and say that I knew that’s what users were doing on Pinterest (from my own experience).  But right behind food and home -wow!  Really interesting!  It goes to show you – you, as in brand and marketing peeps who play in the Pinterest space – that content you wish to have shared can come from interesting sources and can be practical or very aspirational.  As simple as a really good phrase. Now, what were the rest of the responses, you ask?  ““He that can have patience can have what he will.” – Benjamin Franklin.  OK, now…
  • 36% = Home entertaining ideas.  Party!
  • 27% = To remind me of place I want to travel. Aspiration. Dreams and wishes.
  • 24% = To remember clothing that I love.  I gotta tell you…I was surprised that it took this long to see any sort of fashion/retail-like topics appear.
  • 8% = Remember movies that I love.  Huh…who knew?
  • 3% = Track celebs.
  • And finally that crazy category called “Other” at 23%.
“To do good is noble. To tell others to do good is even nobler and much less trouble.” – Mark Twain. And that is why I share the nuggety goodness.  To be noble and to inspire.  Although I think Mark Twain was being a little bit cheeky, don’t you think?!  Hope you have an inspiring weekend!  #Pinterest #marketingtrends #Pinterestinsights #socialmarketing


CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  I am going to go out on a pop culture limb and totally date myself here…Back in 1990, CC Music Factory had a hit called “Things that Make You Go Hmm…”  And I bring this relic of a phrase from the past forward to now, as I share a few, tasty tid bits I’ve read recently that made me go…oh you know….

Social Politics — My last post talked about Pinterest.  And guess who’s just joined?  Michelle Obama.  According to the Washington Post, she only has three boards, but already over 4,000 followers.  Her GOP counterpart, Ann Romney, has been a pinner since February.  Now…Why? you may ask.  Well, let’s review:  Female users; big national reach; very active group; and the First Lady just released a book.  So I ask you back: Why not?  It is, in fact, being lead by the campaign.

Guys Gone Grocery Shopping — New stats from Cone Communications reveal that 52% of Dads say that they are the primary purchasers now at grocery, they do the shopping trips.  And 35% of Moms say “yep, that’s true…Dads are doing more grocery trips.” Also interesting are their behaviors around grocery shopping with Dads slightly less likely to make shopping lists  (63% Dads vs. 65% of Moms), collect coupons or read circulars (56% vs. 62%).  However, Dads are actually meal planners, with 52% Dads vs. 46% Moms saying they’ll think ahead and plan out what the family is going to eat. And they are significantly more likely to research grocery products –24% Dads vs. 11% Moms — wow!  So, will Dads flip through FSIs?  In terms of media: 44% of Dads use online sources.  Dads also seek information in-store:  promotions (57%), advertising (50%).  And they also look to traditional like newspapers (where I’d count FSIs), magazines and television (40%). All of which come in higher than word of mouth from friends and family (38%).

All good stuff that made me go…wait for it……..Hmm!  Hope it did the same for you, too.  TASTY TRENDS:  Socially Acceptable; Social Curation; Today’s Parents

Pinterest Updates

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest!!  (*to be said ala Marcia Marcia Marcia Brady-Bunch-like).  It’s been a while since we’ve talked about that new, buzz-worthy social site Pinterest.  Just recently I refreshed stats and shared cool ideas about Pinterest for a client.  So much had been written about Pinterest at the beginning of the year, it was good to take a peek and see what’s new.  Today’s blog post shares a smidge…a lil’ taste of what I found about what’s new for Pinterest…

Lots and lots of eyes — 4 million unique visitors per day, up from 2 million back in January.  An average visit is 14.2 minutes, which is more than Twitter and LinkedIn.

Still heavy Female User base — but Men starting to join, too — Back in January it was an 80% Female/20% Male split.  That’s now at 72%/28%.

Trusted source & drives purchase — 81% of Women say that they trust recommendations from Pinterest; and 47% have bought something as a result of seeing something on Pinterest.

And lastly, global and engaging — Pinterest’s newest adventures are going to take them international.  And users are now getting enewsletters to keep them coming back.

Where did I find all of this crunchy goodness?  My source include: eMarketer, Edelman Digital — they actually have a terrific infographic about Pinterest you should search and read.  So that’s what’s new.  TASTY TREND:  Content Curation