Raising the Bar

ImageCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  One of my favorite websites (and apps, for that matter) is TED.com.  For those who are unfamiliar with TED, essentially, they post talks, host conferences — all with the purpose of spreading good ideas.  I personally love a good TED talk — typically a 20 minutes or less video given by a subject expert on a particular focus.  And the topics range from technology to what makes a good leader to the benefits of doodling to the plight of the bees…it’s endless.  Anyway…TED recently challenged, voted, judged, gathered together, and shared 10 Ads Worth Spreading.  What makes the winners of the challenge worth spreading are three pillars that make anything online shareworthy.  That said, these are ads that:

  1. Elevate the everyday and make it fascinating.
  2. Feature visuals that “access our child’s mind” — in other words, ads that pull together seemingly disconnected images and story lines yet brilliantly manage to get these visuals and stories to work together well, and make sense.
  3. Deliver an energy exchange.  I interpret this as point as what I’ve read  makes something buzzworthy or shareworthy.  Essentially, content that stirs up emotion and gives the person who passes it along a sense of fulfillment in sharing. 

So enough of my chitchat.  When you have a few minutes, do check these ads out.  They raise the bar in brand story telling.  Love that TED.