Twitter Nuggets

CRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Once again, the peeps over at 360i are generously sharing stats and insights.  The latest white paper POV is about Twitter and a worthwhile download (and it’s free, for the love of nuggets)!  Give these a crunch:

  • 90%+ of tweets come from consumers (not brands, not marketers – that’s only 8%).
  • 94% are personal and 85% are original (tweeting about what they did, what they’re doing, or a conversation with friends; not retweets, but real world dialogue).
  • The average consumer Twitter account has 300 followers (I’m slacking in stats, apparently).
  • And only a measly 1% of consumer tweets that mention a brand are part of an actual conversation with that brand (what?!  come on marketing types and listen!).

These stats reflect only a flavor of the white paper — which is a bite sized 16 pages long, so don’t feel intimidated.  Here’s where you can find it:

Clearly, there is an opportunity for brands to actually converse with consumers — not just broadcast out news and information.  Twitter isn’t new, so this seems pretty startling that marketers still aren’t fully on board — even just to listen and respond, geez.

Me, I tweeted out the presentation, of course.  And this blog post will be tweeted, too!  Again, a worthwhile few minutes of your time, and info to stash away in your container of crunchy nuggets *fah-pwat!*  That’s the airtight seal closing!  Thanks, 360i (@360i)! TASTY TREND:  Socially Acceptable

Crunchy Tweets

mintelCRUNCHY NUGGETS:  Today’s post is extra bite sized, given the Monday holiday.  As a seeker of crunchy nuggets and things that make you go “hmm!,” I was pleased to recently add Mintel to my Twitter stream.  mintelnews gives you quick, interesting facts from around the globe, in twitter-sized posts.  Like:  Did you know that Women use their GPS systems more than men?  (Big surprise, huh, ladies?!)  Or that 8 in 10 Moms think kids clothes are overpriced?  (That would mean brands and services targeting Moms would do well with an offer for a gift card for kids clothes.  Or a discount on kids clothes as a partnership quid.  Right, my promotion savvy thinkers?!)

It’s quick and easy to read.  And who knows…you may come across a find that you’ll want to store in your crunchy nuggets airtight container of facts and stats.  And perhaps turn insight into inspiration!

OK, that’s it.  A little followfriday for you on a Monday.  And the post was certainly more than than 140 characters.  Oh well — short, sweet, and helpful, nonetheless.  TASTY TREND:  Socially acceptable